how to get started with photography

3. August 2018

I know for sure:

Happiness is an inside job. And so is success.

When it comes to photography, I am a late bloomer.

It took me many years to learn the basics on aperture and shutter speed.

For me, this was a huge process. That included some massive inside work..

So, when somebody asked the other day what would I say to a person, who just got started, I gave it a thought:

  • love yourself first

Yes, some of you might think that it has nothing to do with photography. But I am certain, that it is essential to feel love not only for the person in front of the camera but also for that someone behind it.

  • love life

Look around you. There´s so much beauty in life. In everything. Be grateful to be here, right now, and to get the opportunity to leave a trace of love. Life is such an inspiration when you have an open heart..

  • find your why

That will teach you to know your direction.

My why is: I want to show love. I want to show my love for people. For personality. For individuality. I want to show connection. I want you to feel the magic of the moment.

  • practise & play

Yes, I am far away of beeing a perfect photographer. There´s still so much to learn. I try to leave my comfort zone as often as possible. I love to fool around and do things differently.

Esther Posala @ Atmospheres of Light


  • get in a good mood

Before you meet people, it is important to make them feel good. And for you to feel good. You have to have a mind set that fits your why to get results .

I listen to music and dance:


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  • never ever compare yourself to others

Really. It will fuck your mind.

Take your own time and be patient with yourself and respect every different state of mind. No one whould expect a flower to bloom all year. And you can not compare yourself who just got started with someone who´s miles away. You are you and that is your power <3

  • enjoy the ride and trust your killer taste

That is what it is that got you started in the first place. So listen to your intuition and trust it. It´s getting better.