be – you – tiful

16. Oktober 2017

beauty is not in the face. it is in a light in the heart

#kahlil gibran

I don’t know since when I´m big.

As a teenager I was constantly assured that it was baby fat. And that it would grow together.

But it didn´t.

I am now 43 and the chances are good that I will stay that way for the rest of my life.

I used to think it was bad.

I thought that people who are thin are automatically the better people.

More lovable.

More valuable.

More beautiful.

But they are not.

None of that.

I know many people who are thin and mean.

I also know many big people who are mean.

And the other way around.

All this outline about the weight is not really important.

It says nothing about the person.

Absolutely nothing.

It’s just a number after all.

But it is not easy… to make peace with it…

After all, it is constantly suggested to us everywhere that “being big” does not fit into the world view. Not allowed to fit.

And then it happens.

A tiny change.

Something like “I accept myself as I am.”

And I realize that I am quite “beautiful”.

Valuable also and lovable anyway!!

And feeling good is so much more important than all diets of this world.

This self-confidence grows.

Every day.

Every day a little more

With that in mind: