5 lessons learned / part 1 of many

27. Mai 2018

1. My brain sucks

I love to write, to be creative, to take photos (actually I just can´t help it. It feels as natural as breathing).

I love to explore my “self” with words, thoughts and moments in time where I find myself.

There´s this huuuuge urge to do this as often as possible.

And when I create time to do those things, this happens: ___________ flat line.

Nada, nothing, blank, nothing whatsoever. Emptiness envelopes me.

With, a not so sweet voice (imagine this voice like a sick drama queen with too much lipstick and a feather boa) in my head saying:

“Naaah. Don´t bother. You shouldn´t really do this. Like, at all. Just continue with life. Continue doing things you are actually capable of.. whatever that might be! YOU`RE WELCOME”

For some reason that bitch reminds me of Sadie:


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The thing is: I am doing it anyway. I am doing those very things that scare the hell out of me.

** if your dreams don´t scare you: they are not big enough** 

I want those very things that make me tingle with excitement.

Exactly the things I’m almost a little afraid of. They are the ones that I want to try!

And to do it anyway during these doubt filled moments is absolutely essential.

For me, anyway.

2. Allow people to be different, please!!

“The best way to screw up a day: compare yourself to other people!”

So: Don´t: just don´t.

I enjoy the diverseness of the people around me.

Every human being has different characteristics. Some of them complement each other. Others don´t. It doesn’t matter. It’s so nice to see what others are like with all their history that helped make them the way they are.

I find nothing worse than being condemned for having made my own life choices.

I find nothing more beautiful than individuality. <3


3. It is okay to choose easy

I admit it: I like to make it easy for myself.

Some might say I am pragmatic or just very “simple” or even lazy.

I just like it. I like to be easy.

When it comes to photography, I prefer to concentrate on the people in front of the camera rather than on the technology. I always use the same lens (35mm Sigma Art) and have a handful of Lightroom presets, which I only need to adjust minimally to suit the conditions.


I have enough chaos in my life, I am grateful and happy for a certain calmness and simple constancy.

4. Letting go was the hardest

My life has already presented me with some challenges.

Bad experiences during my childhood / youth has left me (and often enough others) with scars of despair.

Sure, I learned something from it. It also made me the person I am today.

That’s a good thing.

People come and go. Friendships are there, and then they’re gone. For me a real connection to people is important. And the loss of a loved one in my life always blows my mind.

Just like that.

It sounds so simple: but at the end of the day you have to let go to be free again.


With the result:

5. Selflove is key

The most important point at the end of the day is self-love.

I could talk for hours about why this is so important.

For me in concrete terms it means:

To accept myself for who I am. Yes, even with this body that displays all the old habits.

It means taking care of me. For example, if at all possible, that I get enough sleep.

Eating intuitively.

Try to be as patient as possible with myself.

Enjoy the little things during the day. Every day.

Meditate. Do some Yoga.

And to appreciate myself, so much so, that I allow myself to go to an exhibition by myself.

This is where I took myself the other day:

shoot shoot shoot


Never forget:

Love rules. Always.

#withalittlehelpfromafriend #grateful